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Garden Room Land

Garden Room

Back to basics and back to a new job and day 1!

This is gonna be a big one! She’s a 6 x 3.5 finished in Western Red Cedar.

Split into two sections comprising of a 2.5 meter storage area and a 3.5 meter office come lounge area.

Warm roof, French anthracite grey doors with two side glazed panels and a partridge in a pear tree lol.

Sooooo, today was all about the prep. And man there is a lot of that!

I needed to remove and old fence from behind where the garden room will be (it had more lean than the leaning tower of Pizza!) There was also about 2 tonnes of nettles and old over grown crap lol

I managed to get the fence down plus get a good start on the clearing part!

Tomorrow I shall be finishing of the clearing PLUS taking delivery of a shed load of building materials!

Its gonna be a tough old day but I love the challenge!!

Oh Happy Days!!

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