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Garden Room Day 13 – Reading – Roof Trimmers – Metal Profiled Sheeting

Jun 8, 2021Bespoke garden office, Bespoke Garden Room, Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room, man cave0 comments

Garden Office Metal Finish

Garden Office:

Well…. That was un expectedly wet!

We were hoping to have the roof open today but alas it wasn’t to be!

We did manage to get the last noggins and trimers up, John finished the batons on the outside and started insulating the front wall.

Butttttt, Thats was all we could manage before calling it a day.

On the slightly plus side.. We did mange to get back to my last garden room and finally get the side and back metal profiles all fitted and done!!

That was lovely to do and now means thats another one done and dusted!

So next week Monday we should hopefully get the 18mm OSB3 boards onto the roof and also get the EDPM roofing glued down as well with any luck! That plus finish the wall insulation and start fitting the roof insulation as well!!

Happy days!!

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