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Garden Room Day 17 – Wokingham – Painting & Decorating

Apr 29, 2021Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room0 comments

Garden Room Painting

Garden Room Day 17

Well day 17 just flew by!!

It was a jubbly day that has now seen the walls and ceiling completely finished in Dulux white matt.

Its looking super bright and breezy now with all that white goodness!

I do love painting these garden rooms as it just starts to bring out the personality of the individual build!

Not only was the painting done but I was also able to crack out fitting the batten to the front pillars ready for tomorrow!

Even the new flooring was delivered today as well so thats all ready rock and roll like Dave Groul!

Not a bad old day all in!

Tomorrow will see me finish off the pillars inside in 18mm MDF ready for the windows fit PLUS I should have the flooring down and finished as well!

Its going to look amazing in there by the end of play tomorrow!!

Garden Room Day 17 Time Lapse:

Happy Days!!

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