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Garden Room Day 18 – Wokingham – Laminate Flooring

Apr 30, 2021Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room0 comments

Garden Room Laminate Flooring

Garden Room Day 18

Well, well, well… Day 18 got here fast and boy was it a good one!

It was one of those days where the build is heading for the finish line fast on the inside now!

So laminate under lay is now down and so to is the laminate itself! Looks bloody lovely and love what the client chose!

I was also able to fit the skirting as well (where I can before windows and door go in).

Plus I got the 18mm MDF fixed to the internal support front walls ready for the window and door fitting this coming Tuesday. 

So all in all a good day and looking gorgeous!

Garden Room Day 18 Time Lapse:

Happy Days!!

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