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Garden Room Day 2 – Reading- Massive Delivery Day & Laying Out The Site

May 14, 2021Bespoke garden office, Bespoke Garden Room, Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room, man cave0 comments

Garden Room Materials

Garden Room Day 2

Im pretty knackered after that one!

My main delivery for the build turned up today on the back of two Hiabs! Thats never a good sign lol

The main problem was one of them had it pneumatic arm out of order so it was a case of manually hand balling it off the back of one of the lorries.

But all good! Once they were both of loaded it took me about 6 hours to remove everything from the driveway and carrying it up to the top of the 80 meter long garden!

The Time lapse at the end of this video is hilarious with the final drops being the bags of ballast! You’ll see when you watch it!

So Monday shall be cracking o with removing the rest of the unwanted bushes from the waste land behind!

Happy Days!!

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