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Garden Room Day 6 – Reading – Rods Finished – Frame Work Begun

May 25, 2021Bespoke garden office, Bespoke Garden Room, Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room, man cave0 comments

Garden Room Base Frame Going In

Garden Room Day 6

Righto!! So if you read the title you’ll have guessed it was a busy day!

When I got to site I managed to remove one fence port that the client wanted gone and the got a concrete post in ready for new fencing later on.

I then cracked on and got the odd weed and bit of grass up before laying my weed membrane down. Just sticking that in made the build seem a lot more further along!!

Next it was getting all the nuts and the metal support plates all in place and perfectly levelled ready to start fixing the floor.

And thennnnnn, I was able to begin fitting the 4 x 3 frame work of the floor.

From this point forward this build will fly up! Especially as I’ve managed to book my old man and John Boy in for the rest of this week PLUS next week!. Ive officially just tripled production which is very very exciting as I love working with these two!!

Tomorrow shall be continuing getting the floor base in but either way that will be finished this week now!

Happy days!!

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