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Garden Room Walls Breathable Membrane

Garden Room- Day 6!

Today was a much warmer affair (eventually lol) So my day started with going to look at two garden rooms to go quote this morning so didn’t get onto site until 10am but still happy with where I go to!

I managed to finalise the peak garden room height of the front wall by placing a roofing joist on top of the walls and measuring the distance from the peak height Including 600mm front canopy) to the floor and allowing for a 25mm run from the roof it actually meant I was able to increase the wall height on the sides and back.

Breathable membrane is now all fit and finished all the way around. Plus I managed to get  80% of the baton fitted ready for the roofing sheet and ship lap cladding as well.

All in all a good ole day and this build is coming along great!!

Garden Room Time Lapse:

Happy days!!

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