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Garden Room Day 7 – Reading – Base Frame In – Insulation Done

May 26, 2021Bespoke garden office, Bespoke Garden Room, Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room, man cave0 comments

Garden Room Base Going In

Garden Room Day 7

That was a bit of a back breaking kind of day! (ask Dad and John)

We were able to finish the base frame in 4 x 3 timber and then get all the floor joists on their joist hangers.

We then managed to get all the 100mm PIR insulation all fit and done as well!! What a day!!!!

So tomorrow we shall concentrate on getting the tongue and groove 22mm P5 flooring zipped and glued down!

And then its on to putting up some walls!! Yup thats right I said it!! Wallsssssss!!

Happy days!!

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