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Garden Room Day 7

So its Garden Room Day 7!

Well it was a full on day today!

First up I had my sparky on site to run the 10mm SWA cable from the garage to the garden room (left in a coil at both ends ready)

I also prepped ready for my steel turning up only to hear it now won’t be here till next week! So this is a bit of a pain but at the end of the day ‘a problem is just a solution waiting to happen’ – I just made this up!

Sooo I decided to create a temp perch that sits higher than my steel will. So essentially I can build the full roof and then once my steel does turn up, I can then just use acrows to lower the ceiling the 40mm onto the steel and I’m done. Where theres always a will there is a way!

Tomorrow I shall get my roof trimmers all up and on and then get the tongue and grove OSB3 Nailed and glued before laying my rubber roof over it! A good day all in all 🙂

Garden Room Day 7 Time Lapse:

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