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Garden Room Day 8!

Today was all about not letting the old steel not rucking up this week fro holding me back!

So I managed to jack up the roof joists and get these finished and the got the trimers all on. Once this was sorted I then moved on to getting the roofing OSB3 boards laid. I always glue and nail these guys.

So using polyurethane glue which expands as it sets to really bond within the joint. Then firing five 63mm collated nails into every joist where the board hits one.

Before shooting off I managed to get the whole thing covered temp with tarp to protect it for the weekend, but for all intense and purposes this garden room is now officially water tight!

Next job is not everyone fav (I don’t mind it in all honesty!) Fitting the PIR insulation into the walls and ceiling.

Happy days!


Garden Room Day 8 Time Lapse

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