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Garden Room Day 13 – Wokingham – EDPM Rubber Roof

Apr 23, 2021Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room0 comments

Garden Room Facia & Soffit Anthracite Grey

Garden Room Day 13:

Its always a happy day getting the roof on and waterproofed!

I got in this morning and cracked on with getting the facia and soffits finished off before dragging the massive roll of EDPM up onto the roof and leaving it for an hour or so to ‘relax’ and de crease.

Once it was happy and settled into its new home, I glued it down then got my side trims on and fitted as well.

Its looking amazing and such a great system for garden rooms!

Monday I have it officially the steel shall be with me PLUS the ship lap cladding as well so that will be great!!

Garden Room Time Lapse:

Happy Days!!

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