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Garden Room Day 12 – Wokingham – Electrics First Fix

Apr 22, 2021Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room0 comments

Garden Room Electrics

Garden Room Build Day 12

Welcome back!! What a day what a day! Lovely weather, Lovely sparkie, and my lovely wife all on site!

So it started with nipping off to another garden room quote then once back on site I was met by my electrician.

We had a discussion with the client as to where he would like his sockets, internal and external lights and heater along with his built in ethernet ports.

It was then of to get it all wired up for the electrician.

Meanwhile I got on with a few odd jobs and then cracked on with getting a start on the facia and soffits which is now 50% complete.

On top of all this I had my amazing wife (a professional photographer) out to take branding pictures for me for social media and stock images of garden roofing construction 101 lol!

If you wanna see some you’ll have to nip over to facebook in the next few days to catch a glimpse!

But in meantime check out her facebook page because its flipping incredible!

Tomorrow shall be finishing off the facia and soffits and then cracking on with getting the EDPM roofing glued down and done… unless the steel shows up?!! But you know, who’s expecting that lol

Garden Room Time Lapse:

Happy days!!

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