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How To Build A Garden Room – Day 11 – Front Wall & Wooden Lintel Build

Jun 2, 2021Bespoke garden office, Bespoke Garden Room, Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room, man cave0 comments

Garden Room Front Wall & Wooden Lintel

How To Build A Garden Room:

Well, well, well… It was hot and sticky but we totally kicked butt!

We managed to get there front wall basically finished off including the wooden lintel getting built (Shown in video).

John was on covering the building in breathable membrane and also cracking on with the baton ready for the western red cedar.

Me and Dad we’re also able to cut the steel finish to the right hand wall to the correct angle for the roof PLUS get the first roof joist up and fit.

This was cut to length to allow the back to have aprox 150mm soffit and the front to have a 600mm canopy.

Tomorrow there boys are off getting their COVID 2nd jabs so it shall be just me cracking on in hopefully cooler conditions lol.

Happy Days!!

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