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Garden Room Day 10- Wokingham- Vapour Barrier and Plaster Boarding

Apr 20, 2021Garden Office, Garden Room, Garden Space, Insulated Garden Office, Insulated Garden Room0 comments

Garden Room Insulation 50mm PIR

Garden Room Day 10

I managed to get a bit itchy today! I had to use a bit of the old rock wool in the soffit voids, good gear but not as nice to use as PIR lol.

Any how, after this I was able to crack on and get the vapour barrier up and in on all the walls (don’t ask about the ceiling as still waiting on the steel turning up at some point)

But also before the end of play today I was also able to somehow get half the walls plaster boarded as well.

So very very chuffed!

Garden Room Day 10 Time Lapse:

Happy Days!

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